Hashtag Nails Pty Ltd opened its doors to the public in June 2018.  The company is 100 % women owned, managed and run.

Hashtag nails aims to supply the market with a quality product at affordable prices.  Thereby making beautiful hands and feet a reality for more women and men.

We constantly test different products in order to provide our clientele with the best quality available, yet affordable.

Nail technicians are all trained and has years of experience. As a team we  celebrate everyone’s successes (big or small) and support each other – like only a sisterhood can!

Our business model runs on the principle of volumes and on  a “no appointment” basis.

We want you to  walk in at any time that is convenient to you.

Why are we “the nailbar with a difference”

Our business model is unique – compared to what the industry is offering.

Our Pricing structure is unique – we offer the market very affordable prices.

Our  ” look and feel” is  unique – we strive to make you feel at home.  We do not want you to feel intimidated at all and rather want you to feel as if you are getting your treatments from a friend in a clean, comfortable environment.