Mani + Pedi – without paint R260,00
Manicure R120,00
Mani + normal nail polish R205,00
Mani + Gelish R250,00
Pedicure R140,00
Pedi + normal nail polish R225,00
Pedi + Gelish R270,00
Gelish R130,00
Acrylic colour with tips R285,00
Acrylic colour overlay R220,00
Acrylic colour fill on tips R220,00
Acrylic colour fill on own nails R195,00
Acrylic overlay R170,00
Acrylic fill R205,00
Acrylic tips with cover pink R288,00
Natural tips without gel R230,00
French tips R210,00
Tips + gelish R330,00
Ombre R345,00
Ombre fill R285,00
Soak off – gel R85,00
Soak off – gel only R95,00
Soak off – acryl R105,00
Soak off – acryl only R115,00
Shape – stiletto/ coffin/Almond R35,00
Fixing of nail per nail R35,00
Buffing R35,00
Normal nail polish R85,00
IBX – treatment R150,00
Nailart / nail R23,00


Above prices include VAT!

Eyebrows R55,00
Upper lip R45,00
Chin R45,00
Cheek R45,00
Full face R210,00
Under arm R70,00
Arms (half) R105,00
Arms (full) R140,00
Legs (half) R175,00
Legs (3/4) R230,00
Legs (full) R290,00
Bikini Line R130,00
Brazilian R200,00
Hollywood R255,00
Stomach R70,00
Chest R60,00
Bum R60,00
Back R100,00
Clusters R220,00
Individuals R495,00


Above prices include VAT!

Eyebrow tinting R55,00
Eyebrow waxing R55,00


Above prices include VAT!

Foot massage – 20 min R150,00
Neck, Shoulder and back – 30 min R290,00
Full body – 60 min R520,00


Above prices include VAT!

Full legs R320,00
Half legs R220,00
Full arms R175,00
Half arms R115,00
Under arm R110,00
Stomach R90,00
Back R180,00
Full face R230,00
Nostrils R70,00
Ears R60,00


Above prices include VAT!

Cost of treatment R200
Time of treatment 30 Minutes

Collagen and elastin is responsible for the elasticity, strenght and structure in our skins.

When it is reduced, we start seeing the telltale signs of ageing – fine lines and wrinkles over time.

With the Collagen Elastin Boost facial – we treat your skin by massaging Collagen and Elastin into the skin.

This helps to rejuvenate skin cells, and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

We end off the boost by applying a paraffin dipped gauze mask onto your skin.

The wax is a natural emollient, helping make skin supple and soft.

When applied to the skin it adds moisture and continues to boost the moisture levels of the skin  after the treament is completed. It also helps to open pores and remove dead skin cells.


Dear Waxing clients

Please take note of the following:

Due to a price increase from Depileve’s side – we had to make a decision with regards to our waxing department I have decided to stay with Depileve – as I trust the product and I want our clients to have a positive waxing experience

This unfortunately meant I had to adjust my prices as well.

I was not prepared to compromise on quality and I feel that our prices are still VERY affordable.

I also had to include some new treatments – some clients are pushing the definitions of some of the treatments – ie wants to pay for a Bikini but pushes the therapist to do a Brazilian


Please also take note of the following:

When you wax – you are taking off a fine layer of skin – therefore:

1. You can’t wax and have a facial on the same day – If you want to do this – You take the risk!

2. You have to protect your skin when going back into the sun. ESPECIALLY when you are waxing your arms


Put on sunscreen or bring with a long sleeve top to wear afterwards.

Freshly waxed skin that is exposed will get burned by the sun

Do not underestimate the sun – a day or two later you will see the damage


N.B PLEASE PLEASE – be careful of the sun!

Wax also doesn’t do well with moist skin. So if you pop in late in the day for a wax and you are a bit sweaty – just wait a couple of minutes for your skin to settle down.

If it’s very bad – ask the technician to give you a towel.

Always feel welcome to chat to me as I value any and all feedback!

Have a good Waxing Day!